Homework & Tutorials!!

Homework set in class to be done in the student's own time in preparation for the next class. Tutorials are practical sessions of research, investigation and discussion in class


Week 1 for 2

  1. Complete Quiz 1 - page 1
  2. Send me a 'hello' email
  3. Comment on 'On-line Shopping Trends' blog post.
Week 2 for 3
  1. Case Study 1
  2. What is Salesforce?
  3. Comment on "They Know Where You Are and What You Like"  blog post.

Week 3 for 4

  1. Complete Quiz 1 - page 2
  2. Find an example of 'viral advertising'
    1. Provide the link as a comment on the MarketWiz Blog "Viral Advertising"
    2. Briefly describe why it is an effective viral ad
  3. Translate the Holmesglen home page into your preferred language using http://translate.google.com

 Week 4 for 5

  1.  Do the phishing test : https://www.phish-no-phish.com/
  2. Hand in Case Study 2
  3. Discuss Blog post:$70 Million Lost in Scams

Week 5 for 6

  1. Investigate topics/subjects for the assignment
  2. Discuss asssignment topics in week 6

Week 6 for 7

  1. email a brief description of your assignment topic

Week 7 for 8

  1. Case Study 3

Week 8 for week 9 (after Easter break)

  1. Submit a draft outline of your assignment for review. Include sufficient detail for the following sections:
    1. State your proposal clearly
    2. State the objectives
    3. Describe the target market
    4. Identify the main competitors - list their web sites
  2. Provide a list of issues or questions that you are finding difficult

Week 9 for week10

Case Study 4

Week 10 for week11

Comment on blog post:
Health and Medical Records on the Internet

Week 11 for week12

Work on the assignment

Week 12 for week13

Read the Berri case study

Provide answers to the following questions and be prepared to discuss in class: 
1.What was the original business need for Berri to upgrade its supply chain? 
2.Why did Berri decide to first upgrade its internal systems and what were they? 
3.Why was the focus on trading partners? 
4.What were the initial benefits? 
5.What are the longer term goals? What is the relationship between e-commerce and marketing?

Week 13 for week14

Facebook Advertising Investigation

  1. How precise is the targeting?
  2. Design a dummy ad for your assignment business (do not pay for it!!!!)
    1. how useful are the keyword suggestions
    2. how many people are targeted?
  3. What is the difference between CPM and CPC?
  4. Why do you need to 'bid' for the cost?
Week 1 
  1. Quiz 1
  2. Blog demo

Week 2 

  1. Research for Case Study 1
  2. Discuss iPad blog comments

Week 3 

  1. Discuss Salesforce
  2. Investigate Ali Baba - What is it?  What value is it? 
  3. View Google presentation on Checkout https://services.google.com/training/checkout_orders/

Week 4

  1. Viral Advertising review
  2. Do the phishing test : https://www.phish-no-phish.com/
  3. Start on Case Study 2¢

Week 5

  1. What services does it offer?
  2. What value is it for an internet business?
  3. Take the Google Analytics Product Tour
  4. http://www.internetworldstats.com/stats.htm
  5. Investigate how your country of choice is performing in internet use?

Week 6 + 7

  1. Research buying a cat toy on eBay and Amazon fro less than $20 
    1. Which web site is easier to use? 
    2. Which had the best choices? 
  2. Use the Web Site Site Evaluation template (from the Downloads Page) to evaluate one of the following web sites: 
    1. RACV 
    2. Birth 
  3. From the Web Pages that Suck web site select what you think is one of the worst web sites and explain why using the Web Site Evaluation template.

Week 8
  1. Download Week 8 Quiz 2 and complete it in class
  2. Use the Web Site Evaluation template to evaluate the landing page of the web site of your choice as the subject for your assignment. 
    1. Each group member to do the evaluation separately. 
    2. Compare your evaluations with your partner 
  3. Use the Web Site Evaluation template to evaluate the following web sites. Go beyond the landing page: 
    1. www.janedavenport.com 
    2. www.growmybiz.com.au 
    3. www.cpl.net.au
Week 9
  1. Case study 4
  2. Assignment outline review

Go to the Go Daddy web site and use it to answer the following questions:
  1. Do a search for a domain name for 'holmesglen'- What is the cheapest domain name?  What is the most expensive? How many are available?
  2. Go to the Hosting page.  How much is an 'unlimited' plan per month?
  3. Go to 'Site Builders' page. How much is a 'SmartSpace' web site per month?
  4. Go to the Business page and select the Quick Shopping Cart.  How much is the premium edition per month
Now do the same for Google and compare to GoDaddy.

Week 12

Go to the Google Adwords site:
  1. For Website content: enter the URL of the website that you are using for your assignment subject.
    1. List the 10 most popular keywords by 'Global Monthly Search Volume'
    2. Identify any seasonal trends
  2. For 'Descriptive words or phrases': select a keyword of phrase strongly related to you assignment subject.
    1. List the 10 most popular keywords by 'Global Monthly Search Volume'
    2. Identify any seasonal trends
  3. Read the Amazon Case Study by Dave Chaffey:
    1. http://www.davechaffey.com/E-commerce-Internet-marketing-case-studies/Amazon-case-study/
    2. What is Amazon's 'Vision'?
    3. How many customers does Amazon have?
    4. Why does Amazon record every purchase, page viewed and every search?
    5. What is the purpose of the 'Associates' program?

Week 13
  1. Quiz 4!! - you can research the answers by looking at the lecture presentations, your notes, Google, or discuss with your partner.
  2. Assignment research
Week 14
  1. Compare two fashion web sites of your choice and discuss in class (in teams of 2)
    1. Landing page design evaluation
    2. Differentiate between the target audience for each
    3. What are the key 'appeal' factors for each web site?
  2. Assignment work