Marketing Report - Tips and Hints

Getting started

  1. Select an organisation as your subject/topic - choose one that your have some knowledge of, or you have an interest in.
  2. Take the role of a marketing researcher working for that organisation - your report is for your manager.
  3. Use the Marketing Report Outline as a guide
  4. Define the approach or purpose of your report
Some Research and Investigation

   1. Find some competitors that you can compare them to. 
   2. Find out how long they have been operating
   3. Who are their target audience?
   4. See if you can contact them (or similar competitor) directly to ask questions - but prepare your questions carefully.
   5. Focus on their marketing strategy and not on their products.
   6. If this was your business how would you market it?
   7. See if you can use google analytics or Alexa Rank to find out how popular their web site is
   8. Try and cover other media for their marketing plan, not just the internet - How else could they promote themselves?
   9. You can do an analysis of their web site as well

Marketing Analysis Tools

  1. PEST
  2. 4Ps
  3. SWOT
  4. Web Site Evaluation checklist

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