Quiz 3: E-business trends and technologies

1.) This Web site feature involves tailoring pages to individual users' characteristics or preferences.

a. Digital Silhouettes

b. customer relationship management

c. Platform for Privacy Preferences

d. clickstream analysis

e. personalization


2.) This popular online payment service is owned by eBay.

a. Multics

b. PayPal

c. P2P

d. Majordomo

e. cache


3.) This is an industry term used to describe the progression of steps a customer goes through when considering, purchasing, using, and maintaining loyalty to a product or service.

a. collocation

b. pervasive computing

c. customer life cycle

d. decision support system

e. predication

4.) This Internet business model generates revenue by offering pay-per-view Web pages, Web links, or Web services for small amounts of money.

a. eCash

b. micropayment

c. smart card

d. electronic bill presentment and payment

e. Electronic Funds Transfer


5.) Social networking can be used in marketing for:

a. promotion by viral marketing 

b. tracking consumer trends and fashions

c. advertising on social networking web sites

d. researching competitors

e. hosting special interest communities and groups

f. all of the above 


6.) This is a method for business-to-business purchase and sale of supplies and services over the Internet.

a. supplier relationship management

b. e-tailing

c. e-procurement

d. enterprise resource management

e. supply chain management

7.) This is an industry term for software that analyses data about customers to develop a better understanding of the customer and how the customer is using a company's products and services.

a. content aggregator

b. adware

c. spyware

d. customer relationship management


8.) You've been sent a virus warning, what should you do now?

a. Forward it to everyone in your address book.

b. Forward it within your company.

c. Ignore it.

d. Go to a security Web site to learn if it is a real virus.

9.) You have been asked by your manager to review your organisation's website. What would be the first thing you should do?

a. Organise a focus group to review the web site.

b. Engage a usability expert to review the web site.

c. Hire a web developer to re-write the web site.

d. Check the web sites alignment with the marketing strategy and the business plan.